A 360-degree video of a flying Uber taxi flight

flying Uber taxi flight

Uber has been working for a while on a flying taxi. This drone taxi will be autonomous and able to carry several passengers. This is the first ever 360-degree video of a flight.

The business of putting users in contact with drivers, Uber, is already preparing the future. The American firm has been working for some years now to develop a taxi drone. This futuristic project should see the day in 2023. Uber unveiled a prototype, a model of the cabin of the aircraft, yesterday at an event in Washington. The world’s leading VTC company also took the opportunity to offer us a 360-degree video of a flight aboard its future taxi drone that you can see below.

Uber flying taxi: a 360-degree video of a flight

The prototype presented yesterday by Uber is very luxurious. The flying taxi is equipped with leather seats and offers 5 seats for passengers and a space for storing luggage. This drone is equipped with 6 engines. However, this is not the final version that will be released in 2023. At first, the drone taxi piloted by a pilot and, in the future, will be completely autonomous.

Uber took advantage of the event to unveil videos in virtual reality of flights. These videos show boarding, taking off, flying and landing as if you were on board the flying cab. An Uber official explained, “We will begin testing the service next year for public opening in 2023 in Dallas and Los Angeles.” Note that Uber is also working on autonomous taxi cars that could embark on virtual reality.