4 Best Connected Bracelets (Fitness Trackers) to less than $50


The market for connected bracelets (Activity/Fitness Trackers) is booming. There is something for everyone, from athletes to geeks, to those who want a healthier lifestyle. Also, there are bracelets connected for all purses. Here is a selection of the best activity/fitness trackers at less than $50 at Samsung, Nokia or Misfit.

How to choose your connected bracelet (Fitness Trackers)?

As for each of the purchases you want to make, you must first think about the use you make of it. There are many types of bracelets connected so you need to know what needs to answer.

If it’s for example to control your heart rate, monitor your diet, your weight loss, have notifications from your phone, etc … And then we must think about the features you could not do without such as having a very good autonomy, to have a screen, the sealing, etc …

Here is a selection of 4 connected bracelets to less than $50 to guide you in your search.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2: our recommendation

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Marketed by Xiaomi, the Mi Band 2  has a 0.42-inch OLED display, where you can see the time, the number of steps you’ve made, the number of calories you’ve burned, as well as your heart rate and battery. 70 mAh for 10 days of autonomy (20 days in standby). It is also IP67 certified.

Its mobile application, Mi Fit, compatible with iOS and Android, provides access to various data such as sleep monitoring.

Why we recommend the Mi Band 2

  • It is quite rare to find an OLED screen on a bracelet as inexpensive
  • Its autonomy of 20 days is very correct
  • It incorporates a heart sensor

Find the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 on Amazon.

August SWB100: the alternative

August SWB100

The August SWB100 incorporates the basic features of a smart tracker such as the pedometer, distance calculation and sleep control while incorporating some new features, all with a 5-day battery life. Among them we note the ability to activate an anti-loss alarm to find his smartphone, but also the addition of the alarm clock and note taking.

Thanks to the FitApp, compatible with iOS and Android, it is possible to receive your calls and messages notifications directly on the August SWB100 OLED screen.

Why we recommend August SWB100

  • Its anti loss feature is very convenient
  • It also allows you to take notes
  • The presence of an OLED screen on a model at this price makes it a very good alternative

Find the August SWB100 on Amazon.

Misfit Shine 2: the many features

Misfit Shine 2

This bracelet Misfit is in the form of pellets to integrate into a bracelet or belt clip. It is powered by a button cell, which gives it autonomy that can go up to 6 months. It is waterproof up to 50 meters and displays time with twelve LEDs arranged in a circle, activity goals, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep tracking.

It is possible to trigger a specific activity for better global monitoring. Thanks to its iOS, Android and Windows compatible mobile application, it is possible to access various features and use it as a remote control to locate the smartphone, take a picture, put music on it, etc.

Why we recommend it

  • LED color is configurable
  • It is compatible with Windows Phone
  • Its use as a “remote control” offers many advantages

Find the Misfit Shine 2 on Amazon.

Nokia Go: the autonomous

Nokia Go

In the same way that the Misfit Shine 2 Nokia Go is in the form of a tablet that can be incorporated into a bracelet or clip. This bracelet is waterproof and offers a battery life of about 8 months thanks to its button cell and offers an electronic ink display (E Ink). It allows to set objectives and to display the progress, to follow these cycles of sleep, the follow-up of various activities, the distance traveled, the training time and the number of calories burned.

With the Health Mate mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android, couples the bracelet with other connected devices of the brand as a scale and analyze in more detail the results.

Why we recommend it

  • It is difficult to find a bracelet with more than 8 months of autonomy at this price
  • It can associate with other connected devices of the brand
  • Its use as a “remote control” offers many advantages

Find the Nokia Go on Amazon.