How does the Wireless Speakers work?

wireless speakers

It’s the era of wireless technology and most of the electronic equipment which were wired before are now are adopting wireless technology. In this article we will talk about the wireless speakers which has taken over the traditional wired speaker system.

The journey of these modern wireless speakers started a decade ago and still the basic principal behind them is unchanged. Still these wireless speakers are dependent on audio drivers and their vibrations to convert electric signal into audio.

The thing which has changed from last decades is the transfer of those electronic signals, which was earlier transferred through 3.5mm or 6.1mm audio jack but now are transferred wirelessly.

Types of wireless technologies

  1. Bluetooth
  2. Wi-fi. 

Bluetooth is the common and most convenient wireless technology which we often see in a number of wireless equipment. Bluetooth devices are extremely portable and affordable too. Bluetooth speakers has a connectivity range of around 33 feet which is fairly less.

Most of the devices such as android, iPhone and laptops comes equipped with Bluetooth and can be easily paired with Bluetooth speakers.

The principal of working of Bluetooth speakers is very much similar to that of any traditional speaker. One has to connect his Bluetooth speakers with his mobile phone or any other media device (i.e. pairing both devices.) The Bluetooth speaker will receive the electronic signals transferred from the origin device (mobile or laptop) and will vibrate the diaphragm to produce sound at different frequencies. Bluetooth speakers uses rechargeable batteries to produce sounds whereas some large Bluetooth speakers can also work directly on AC current.

Wi-fi speakers are something more innovative and pricier than that of a common Bluetooth speaker. As the name tells these speakers use wi-fi to connect with music originating devices and also can work with your home wi-fi network. Range of these wi-fi speakers is around 200 feet which is approximately 6 times more than that of Bluetooth speaker.

The main advantage of these wi-fi speakers over Bluetooth speakers is their sound quality. Bluetooth speakers compresses the audio signals which results in loss of audio quality. Whereas the wi-fi speaker do not compress the audio signals and produces better sound quality with minimum signal losses.

Most of the wi-fi speakers works on AC due to high power consumption, that means they are not portable as Bluetooth speakers. Multiple numbers of wi-fi speakers can be connected with each other’s and music will play from all the connected speakers simultaneously , whereas in Bluetooth speakers it is not possible to connect more than one device at same time.