Huawei Unveils “Cyberverse”, AR in the Cloud with 5G

Huawei Unveils Cyberverse

The Chinese company unveiled its vision of augmented reality in the cloud with the 5g. A particularly promising result called the Cyberverse. Presentations of this technology are made.

The augmented reality in the cloud is one of the technologies that we looked forward to because they could define the digital world of tomorrow. And to say that in this sector, neither China nor Huawei intend to be left behind.

Cyberverse: a beautiful Huawei announcement

The information fell in the Huawei developer conference. The company unveiled how it imagines the world of tomorrow, mapped and repopulated with persistent augmented reality content and especially interfaces. This is a cloud technology with augmented reality available with 5G.

This technology combines a rather advanced mapping of the real world and the information of augmented reality. You wonder about the origin of the name Cyberverse, it’s probably because you have some references on the side of Transformers. We had the right to the Transformers Cyberverse last year. If we like this little nod, we would still tend to find the word “cyber” a little retro.

For now, there is not much information that has been made available on this new system, but Huawei has unveiled a small video that promises to be less ambitious, with the expected renditions of Cyberverse with a smartphone. More than 1,000 locations on the planet should be compatible. However, with the brakes for the moment set to develop the 5G network by Huawei, it will be necessary to wait.