Pokémon Go: all the tricks for the Giratina raid original form

Pokémon Go-all the tricks for the Giratina raid

From April 2 to 29, 2019, Giratina’s original form will make its first appearance as a raid boss in Pokémon Go. Learn all the tricks to make this raid successful and capture the legendary Pokémon.

If you have not yet defeated the Dialga raid boss in Pokémon Go, it’s better to hurry. The legendary Pokémon Dragon/Steel will occupy the arena until March 27, 2019, then will be replaced by Giratina in altered form.

The Pokémon type Dragon/Specter will make his big comeback in Boss of Raid of Tiers 5 from March 27 to April 2, 2019. If you have not added it to your collection yet, it will be an opportunity to catch up with you.

Subsequently, from April 2 to April 29, 2019, for the first time, Giratina in original form will appear in Pokémon Go. As a reminder, the original form of Giratina is its true form while its altered form is the one it dreamed in the world of humans.

In terms of statistics, the two forms of Giratina are similar. Their fighting skills are the same as their endurance stats. On the other hand, their defense and attack stats are reversed.

Thus, if Giratina in altered form excels in defense, Giratina in original form is a Pokémon specialized in the attack. This is the reason why the number of maximum combat points of Giratina in original form is superior to that of its altered form.

Pokémon Go: the best Pokémon to beat Giratina original form

the best Pokémon to beat Giratina original form

As a raid boss, Giratina’s original form has 41,776 Combat Points. As in its altered form, it is a Pokémon type Dragon / Spectrum.

Therefore, his weaknesses are the same. He will be particularly vulnerable to attacks like Dragon, Darkness, Fairy, Spectrum and Ice. On the other hand, his attacks are effective against Pokémon type Dragon, Psych and Spectrum.

To easily triumph over this boss, the best Pokémon are the legendary dragon Rayquaza, Drattak, Palkia, Dracolosse, Ectoplasma, and Dialga. You can also count on Mewtwo, Mammochon, Latios and Dimoret.

As a last resort, if you do not have any Pokémon listed above, you can fall back on Corboss, Branette, Tyranocif, Charkos, Deoxys (attack) or even Giratina in altered form.

The best option is to attack this boss with your best friend (to take advantage of the bonus). Make sure you build teams made up of Dragon-type Pokémon, and possibly Mammochon and Ectoplasma as reinforcement for more versatility. You can tackle this boss with 3 to 6 high level players, or more than six low level players.

Pokémon Go: what are the attacks of Giratina original form

what are the attacks of Giratina original form

Now let’s look at Giratina’s combat techniques in original form. As a quick attack, this Pokémon may know Shadow Claw (Spectrum) or Dracoshale (Dragon).

Regarding charged attacks, Giratina can experience one of these three attacks: Dracogriff (Dragon), Ancient Power (Stone) or Shadow Range (Spectrum).

Pokémon Go: the effects of the weather on Giratina original form

As a Dragon / Spectrum type Pokémon, Giratina will have increased power in case of fog or when the wind is blowing. Fog will increase the damage dealt by its Specter-type attacks, and the wind will boost its Dragon attacks.

On the other hand, he will be more vulnerable to Fairy type attacks in cloudy weather. Likewise, the snow will increase the effectiveness of Ice-type attacks against this creature.

A priori, it might be tempting to attack Giratina when it snows or the sky is overcast. However, note that the wind will make it more susceptible to Dragon type attacks. Likewise, the fog will make Spectrum and Darkness attacks more effective against him.

In addition, attacking Giratina during foggy or windy weather will allow you to face a level 25 raid boss rather than level 20. The Combat Points of the Giratina that you can capture after the raid fight will be between 2523 and 2631, instead of 2018 to 2105 normally.