Razer Unveils Viper, Its New Gaming Mouse Faster and More Accurate Than Ever

Razer Viper

Razer has unveiled the Viper, its new gaming mouse. It has the particularity to use optical switches for its clicks, to offer greater accuracy.

The game is serious. For a certain slice of players, millions of dollars are waiting after a massive tournament, justifying years of intense training to become the best team or the best player.

That’s why, at a certain level, good equipment can become a good asset. No matter the best reflex if your mouse does not follow. Razer, well-known gamer builder in the middle, has just introduced a new mouse that could stand out as the best.

Razer Viper with optical switches

Razer Viper with optical switches

Dubbed Viper, it is an ambidextrous mouse with 8 programmable buttons, a local storage of DPI configurations, and the famous 5G optical sensor of the brand, which sends 16,000 DPI with a tracking accuracy of 99.4%. It does more than 69 grams, and stays wired to prevent any loss.

But this is not his greatest particularity. The mouse ignores the mechanical switches of the other mice of the brand to switch to optical sensors on its two clicks.

Tested in collaboration with Razer-sponsored sports, the Viper has switched to this technology in order to offer precise activation. On the classic mechanical switches, a click can sometimes correspond to several pressures, which are counterbalanced in a software way to avoid false positives.

With this new optical technology, a single ray of infrared light records the click. Thus, it records a single click without frills, and does so with an ultra-short response time of 0.2 millisecond.

The Razer Viper is already available at a price of $79.99. A high price for advanced technology, to which must be added the “tax Razer”. But for pro or semi-pro players, we do not count for such a technological advance.