The 8 Best Gamer Headphones in 2019

Best Gamer Headphones 2019

After several hours of research, I selected for you the best gaming headsets of the moment.

My preference is for the HyperX Cloud Alpha , which has proven to be the most versatile, qualitative and comfortable, for an unbeatable value for money.

At the end of this article, you will find a buying guide to help you select the gamer that best suits your needs.

The best cheap gamer headphones in 2019:

The entry-level gamer headphones, I have defined quite broad: up to 90 €. Because it is in this slice that any gamer with a budget a little limited to the certainty of finding his account, with a quality of sound correct and indisputable comfort.

But what will he probably have to sacrifice? A quality microphone that stands out, the 7.1 Surround (or virtual quality), and a flawless finish.

HyperX Cloud II: the best cheap

HyperX Cloud II - the best cheap


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Neat and comfortable finish
  • Micro of very good quality
  • Well thought out software for the comfort of use


  • Little chance of losing the removable mic

It was not easy to elect the winner of the HyperX Cloud lineup in this price range. Between 50 and 100 €, several models are very satisfactory. For an even tighter budget, I recommend the Cloud Stinger.

Cloud II, in my opinion, offers the best value for money. Being a USB headset, it is more suitable for the PC gaming, but it nevertheless has a non-removable cable that ends with a 3.5 mm mini-jack connector, which makes it compatible with the PS4, the Xbox (for an adapter), a smartphone or tablet.

Visually, it’s a real success, with an almost luxurious finish. The pads are made of fine velvet, which is as unusual as it is comfortable – without creating any particular perspiration. The upper band of the helmet gives a very elegant white-on-black stitching effect. And the Mic, Volume, and Surround 7.1 Buttons are accessible on the cable.

I personally liked the fact that the microphone is removable: it can be easily replaced, or declutter the headphones if we do not use it.

Good surprise, for this price, it comes with a number of accessories: a carrying pouch, practical though a little cheap and a pair of leatherette pads, for those who prefer this material.

I was blown away by the audio quality. Despite the small price, we have 53mm drivers (against a 40mm standard entry level). The diameter of the transmitters is of some importance for the sound coverage of your ears. It also has Surround 7.1, provided by an embedded sound card (this is what distinguishes it from the first HyperX Cloud name, in stereo version).

I particularly appreciated the possibility to disable it with a single click, since this type of sound environment is not suitable for all contexts.

Software management, among other things, allows you to adjust the volume of the chat so that it is not covered by the sounds of the game so that it remains functional without being invasive.

Immersion is ensured thanks to the quality of the stereo and a good design of the pads – big-ears-friendly – which isolate pretty well external sounds!

HyperX Cloud software is very satisfying for a product in this range. The essential is to! In particular, it controls some microphone options. This is one of the best entry level headphones. In addition to being unidirectional, it filters peripheral sounds and echo effects.

Expert advice

“The HyperX Cloud II 7.1 has established itself as THE helmet for FPS players. Indeed it offers a great sound for a gaming headset and a very good spatialization, essential in the game when you have to locate enemies in their footsteps for example. The helmet is quite light and is therefore easily forgotten once it is on the head, it is possible to keep it all day without ever feeling pain in the ears. On the micro side, it’s pretty basic but the voice remains clear and without parasites, so it’s more than enough for online gaming. “Hugo Scarzella, a seasoned gamer
and founder of 

Corsair HS50: quality at a low price

Corsair HS50 - quality at a low price


  • Affordable price
  • Simple design
  • Micro quality


  • Lack of precision in the bass

The second helmet of our selection stands out for its simplicity, its sober and elegant design … and it’s very good quality/price ratio.

This is the wired and stereo version of the HS70 (which itself has 7.1 virtual surrounds), which you can get for an investment a little more consistent (but still reasonable). We are nevertheless not too bothered by this cable, two meters long.

This cable ends with a mini-jack cable allowing a multiplatform connection (PS4, Switch, or Xbox ONe by means of an adapter not provided). The headset is also supplied with a Y adapter, which allows connection to a PC to separate headphone and microphone jacks.

Design side, no frills here: the Corsair HS50 does not try to pretend to be anything other than what it is, namely an effective helmet. Entirely black, except for a ring on the headphones and stitching in the faux leather blue. The set gives a resistant appearance.

The headphones include the ears, even the largest, but the arch, even reduced to a minimum, remains wide enough. Small heads may experience some discomfort. Foams them, are a little thin. In short, without being uncomfortable (far from it), this model would have deserved some adjustment and a little more flexibility. This would have allowed better sound insulation.

At the level of sound, without being at the tip, we get something rather correct for stereo. The serious lack of precision, but the reproduction of mediums is very good, that treble is quite convincing, and the possible distortions go unnoticed (for fans of FPS, you may nevertheless find the sound a bit disappointing, because each explosion, the bass tend to take precedence over the mediums and give a rendering “agglomerated”).

The microphone, it is again detachable, and a simple pressure on the left atrium can open or close at leisure. The voice recording is very clear and its high directivity allows a good separation between the voice and the surrounding noises.

In the end, for a very reasonable investment, you can get simple and effective headphones with good audio quality and, above all, an undeniable micro quality.

The best mid-range helmets

Below 150 €, the competition becomes tough. I decided to present only wired versions here. These are economic solutions that have the hardware of true market champions.

Indeed, it is a price range a little sensitive: if there is wireless, there are chances that the audio quality and features do not follow. But if nothing has been sacrificed, we arrive in the high-end of the wired. This is what interests us here. Let’s go!

HyperX Cloud Alpha: the best mid-range

HyperX Cloud Alpha - the best mid-range


  • Undeniable comfort
  • Audio quality
  • Micro quality


  • No 7.1 Surround

If the Cloud II had seduced me by its comfort, the Alpha completely convinced me.

We find the same design, with an aluminum hoop covered with very soft leatherette, this same leatherette that covers the pads and participates in their comfort. These are a memory foam even thicker than the Cloud II, which makes them extremely soft. The sound insulation, it is quite correct.

The cable is 1.3 meters long and ends with a 4-point mini-jack that allows a multiplatform connection. An extension of 2 meters is also provided, ending with a dual audio and microphone connector to connect to the PC.

It is on the first cable that we find the volume control controls and opening or closing the microphone, HyperX choosing not to directly integrate the headset earphones. This is a bias that can be challenged. Personally, I find it easier to find these commands directly on the headphones than to play on the wire.

At the sound level, quality is at the rendezvous! Bass and midrange are made very faithfully, even more than in the Cloud II, and the power is quite bluffing, without that we never end up with a bang of indecipherable sounds (lovers of FPS should find their account here). The breadth of the stereo is very good, and the rendering compelling, despite the lack of 7.1 surrounds.

We also find the removable microphone and holds better in place than its predecessor. His performances are always very good, even if his sensitivity seems to me less than on the Cloud II. But since the pole is removable, it can be placed very close to the mouth (just be careful not to disturb his listeners with his breath sounds or other borborygmes!).

As you can see, the Hyper Cloud Alpha is a success. If it’s a shame to see the virtual surround and velvet pads that I particularly liked on the Cloud II disappear, I find it both more comfortable and more powerful. This is the best value for money in this comparison in my opinion!

Turtle Beach Stealth 700: The Wireless Headset for XBOX and PC

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 - The Wireless Headset for XBOX and PC


  • First gaming headset to integrate XBOX wireless technology
  • Good sound rendering
  • Good micro quality


  • Slight rigidity

It was time for me to talk about Turtle Beach, right? The brand is present in all ranges, even if it does not always just in the price-quality ratio. But the Stealth 700 is XBOX compatibility without any headaches, and excellent hardware quality, all for less than 150 €!

It is indeed the first gamer ever designed to integrate wireless technology XBOX – which uses the Bluetooth network. It syncs effortlessly to the console, and will not pose much more problems with a PC. But let’s talk about the helmet itself.

I really liked the design of this helmet, bold and full of details. Black and green, a tribute to the XBOX color code, it has futuristic lines and different textures, all of which inspire a good solidity and a compact set.

It is on the left ear that we find the main buttons, with two volume settings – one for the cat, one for the sound of the game – an XBOX coupling, a port jack to connect to it. other devices, and a microUSB port for charging.

If there is a black spot in the design, it is the overall rigidity of this helmet, which adapts less to different morphologies than other competitors. As far as I’m concerned, the comfort over time is ensured anyway, thanks to its lightness.

The sound quality of the headphones is, needless to say, impeccable. Bass and treble are amazingly clear. And for Honor – the last pebble in Ubisoft’s shoe – is witnessed: be it scree or shock of swords, the soundscape is complete.

The microphone is not left out, with a calibration for the voice and a rather surprising noise filter for a small mounted device.

If the wireless aspect scares you, you should know that the battery takes about 10 hours in real conditions, which is all stacked in the average of the helmets of this type. To load it, an hour and a few are enough.

The wireless aspect offers a lot of freedom. Smartphone and PC compatibility, Android / iOS app setting … We regret a small point – but it’s not his fault -: Surround 7.1 is necessarily set from a PC, via the firmware.

Overall, what is left to say? A serious finish, a sound quality more than adequate, a microphone of good quality, and some faults quickly balanced by ease of handling. If this is the best model for XBOX, I redirect fans of PS4 on this same headphone dedicated to the Sony console. For PC players, there is better for this price: we continue!

Logitech G633: wired multiplatform, Logitech quality

Logitech G633 - wired multiplatform, Logitech quality


  • Versatile and easy to configure
  • Excellent audio
  • Three pre-programmed sound profiles


  • A bit bulky
  • Correct microphone, no more

Logitech may well dominate all areas of the PC peripheral, the gaming market is a bit more competitive than that of webcams. But Logitech quality is a fact, and I encourage you to see for yourself the many gamer headsets they’ve created. The G633, codename “Artemis Spectrum”, however, gained its place in our comparison. And if you have a few euros more to invest and the wireless is non-negotiable, the G933 is almost the same, with 12 hours of autonomy.

Let’s go back to G633. On the menu? A lot of work on versatility, solid construction and great sound quality.

Level design, it’s a hell of a lot. And by that, there is good as bad. First, it is quite big, with a choice of materials at the level of the support that does not really reflect its silhouette. But overall gives an impression of solidity and the finish is overall impeccable, with RGB backlighting.

The pads are fabric, soft enough, which have the advantage of not causing excessive sweat but lose sound insulation. In terms of comfort, otherwise, there is nothing wrong. Even for glasses wearers, that’s fine.

It embeds three different sound profiles: FPS, strategy, and cinema. We access these different profiles behind the left ear, and I quickly used to switch according to my desires. They are perfectly calibrated by default and save a passage through the audio settings each time. It should be noted that this headset embeds this time the 7.1 surrounds.

If the audio is excellent, the microphone is mainly functional. The voice seems a little distant, probably because of a little zeal on the side of the noise filter, but nothing worse than a phone call.

The G633 is already a very good model, but I invite you to take a look at the Wireless version which offers better connectivity XBOX without losing anything of the essential: immersive audio and battery hours.

The best high-end helmets

Past the 150 €, we can consider ourselves in the high end. This is a budget that may seem considerable for a gaming accessory, but I guarantee that the selected products are worth it.

What can we expect? Ideally, wireless, multi-platform (but in fact, only the Steelseries is wireless in this top). I was intransigent about the sound effect and the ability to switch from one profile to another. And the firmware must also be complete, with sufficient settings options for the most demanding users.

Astro A40 TR: the best high end

Astro A40 TR - the best high end


  • Great audio quality
  • Great micro quality
  • Modular


  • Need to invest in the MiXAmp Pro TR for optimal rendering

This model comes from the brand Astro, specialized in gaming, and it is particularly recommended by the professionals of the e-sport.

As a whole, this helmet gives an impression of solidity, with a rather thick aluminum roll bar and a solid plastic frame. This time, we have a model where the earpieces rotate at 90 ° and are adjustable in height. It is, therefore, possible to adjust them so that it fits perfectly to our morphology.

It is also extremely flexible: you can change the pads of the arch, ear buds, earplugs and the position of the microphone. The brand offers different kits that allow you to customize your helmet for optimal comfort.

It is therefore again a wired headset, with a removable cable of 1.80 meters ended by a mini-jack. This one is obviously of good quality, but I regret that it is there again that one finds the controls of volume and ignition of the microphone.

Note that for the most demanding, it is possible to connect the MiXAmp Pro TR, a case that can be used as 7.1 Dolby Digital sound card, headphone amplifier and control station.

The sound reproduction (stereo, without the Mix Amp Pro TR) is accurate and faithful, especially in the bass, and no distortion is observed even at high volume.

The microphone, without surprise, is of excellent quality. It is also detachable so that it can be positioned on any headset (I told you that this headset was flexible!).

With its audio and micro qualities, ergonomics and comfort, the A40 TR is able to satisfy the most demanding of you. Even (especially?) LAN, it will not disappoint!

HyperX Revolver S: the high-end made in HyperX

HyperX Revolver S - the high-end made in HyperX


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Audio quality at the top
  • Three pre-programmed sound profiles
  • The microphone of excellent quality


  • Wired connection

I’ll be back to Kingston’s HyperX gamer, with the Revolver S. A high-end version of the classic Revolver – released in 2016 – this model offers everything a demanding audience can expect.

And first, design level, it’s a great success. Fine, applied, the finish of this helmet is enhanced by the use of noble materials, such as steel. That does not prevent the Revolver S from being flexible and flexible, to the point of adapting perfectly to the head without needing to be adjustable.

It is therefore for the comfort that it provides that I decided to integrate this headset to the comparative, despite the fact that it is wired. You can unplug the jack cable from the headphones, which makes it easier to extend. On this one, we find housing which one controls the microphone, the volume, but especially the activation or not of the Surround 7.1. On the left ear is the connection of the removable microphone, and three pre-set profiles.

Surround 7.1 is, of course, one of the best available on the market. If it is virtual, the fidelity and precision of the sound provide a real gaming pleasure. Both 50mm drivers offer a sound level more than satisfactory, and I found that the fidelity and balance of the sound were sufficient for the listen to music. It is rather rare with the gamer headphones, often heavy on the bass.

The microphone, as we said, is removable. It is unidirectional and has a noise filter. You can adjust the volume through the case – which is a plus! – and I could see that the readability of my voice perfect state. No distortion, no echo, it is by far one of the best microphones of our selection.

No problem with the HyperX Revolver S. The comfort it provides is among the best, and the quality of audio and surround is of course impeccable. Lovers of wireless may be disappointed, but it’s otherwise one of the best-wired headsets I’ve reviewed.

Steelseries Arctis 7: a foolproof autonomy

Steelseries Arctis 7 - a foolproofautonomy


  • Great autonomy
  • Easy installation
  • Good audio quality


  • Requires manual adjustments for audio rendering
  • Steelseries Arctis 7 is the first wireless in this range.

Its sleek and rounded design offers a feeling of solidity, thanks to the double expandable aluminum arch. The earflaps, they are made of a soft and airy fabric, and its very comfortable. Passive sound insulation is very satisfactory.

On the other hand, the hoop and a little short and its curve is a little flat. I think that a large head can quickly be hampered by this configuration because increased pressure may be exerted on the pavilion of the ears.

The headset is easy to install thanks to the SteelSeries Engine software, the transmitter plug’n play on USB. By cons, you will have noticed, it is intended for use on PS4, PC or MAC. No Xbox One compatibility here.

The autonomy is quite important since it reaches 24 hours (what fun to the end of the night!) And, for the more geeks, it is possible to use the headset while charging because at micro-USB cable to USB. The range is 10 meters (the headset connects and disconnects automatically when you enter and leave the zone of emission).

This time, we obviously find the control buttons on the earpieces: volume control of the headset and microphone on the left atrium and ignition button on the right atrium.

At the sound level, the quality is present but requires prior adjustments via the dedicated software. The bass is a little too marked, the high a little too sharp. On the other hand, the power is undeniable and no distortion has been observed.

The microphone, this time, is not removable, but retractable. The recording is very good, and the voice is well distinguished from the surrounding noise. The nice little detail is the red LED that comes on when it is cut, so you do not talk in the void before understanding that your listeners cannot hear you!

How to choose the best gaming headphones? – Purchase guide

For this article, I have selected no less than 25 models, brands like Astro, Razer, Kingston, Logitech, Corsair, Turtle Beach … And if all have not had their place in this comparison, they are not bad for much.

So it’s up to you to make up your own mind. However, we must know that the market for gamer heads is full of products, for many very poor. That’s why I take the trouble to write this little buying guide, in the form of FAQ, to help you make your choice.

Should we crack on the wireless?

It is necessary to be careful with the classification of the gamer helmets by price. The wireless function is still very expensive – perhaps too much – and it is rarely worth sacrificing the primary features of the headset to ship Bluetooth or WiFi. This is what many brands have done, and that’s a shame.

The advantage of wireless is supposedly multiplatform. However, we must ensure the compatibility of models, which do not use all the same channels. Among those compatible are the Logitech G933, which offers one of the most fluid multiplatform media.

However, we must be wary: two criteria can distract you from the wireless. Although the difference is not very sensitive, the most demanding note that the wireless headsets are less effective in terms of sound quality and responsiveness. The first point can be explained by the fact that despite the serious progress in the field, a wireless network does not carry as much data as an audio cable. The second does not matter if you do not use surround as a way to be more responsive in-game.

You will notice that I have not especially put forward the wireless models: basic, they are a little less competitive than wired models quality-price level if they are judged primarily on comfort and sound quality. But whenever possible, I added the link to the Wireless version!

What is 7.1 Surround?

Surround 7.1 is a certification that demonstrates the presence of a device that gives the sound a 3D dimension. In the context of video games, it’s simply bluffing, and almost essential. Unlike stereo, which only discriminates between the right and left ear, the surround can clearly give the illusion that a sound comes from behind you.

Below a certain price – often around 200-250 € – Surround is virtual. Unlike real surround, which consists of several drivers – sources of sound – inside the headphones, virtual surround uses the same drivers as stereo headsets. The bill is much less salty since the effect comes mainly from the sound card, not a material feature.

From experience, I advise you however to buy a headset on which it is easy to disable the Surround. Indeed, it is not relevant in all contexts of play. For example, it tends to give a rather unpleasant echo effect to the voices, a form of distance and omnipresence that lacks naturalness. For ambient sounds, however, it’s a real success.

Be careful though: Surround is not the same everywhere. The presence of Surround in the datasheet does not guarantee an ideal immersion. Some helmets were excluded from this comparison, precisely because of their poor quality.

What should be checked first, before the purchase?

Compatibility – PS4, PC, smartphone, Xbox … All headsets are not compatible with the same systems. The jacks are still the ones that are best supported – even if the Xbox controllers before the 2.1 will ask you for a proprietary adapter to about 20 €. USB will work more easily with PS4 and PC, of course. Xbox is still a bad student, with very random surround support and complicated connections.

The type of connection – It goes a little bit to the previous question, but there is another problem. The analog connections (called jack) have more fluid compatibility and few losses. But USB has the advantage of having an integrated sound card, and it is a saving of time and considerable quality.