The Best Smartphone Printers in 2019

Best Smartphone Printers in 2019

Smartphone photo printers have been designed to offer lovers of beautiful photographs the opportunity to shoot them more easily. They allow you to print from a camera, smartphone or tablet. So if your Instagram is full of beautiful photos, this is surely the time to start printing!

Compact and lightweight, you can put them in the pocket of your pants and take them everywhere with you. They are about the same size as your smartphone or external hard drive and are easy to handle.

These super fun gadgets can be used anywhere, thanks to their built-in battery, and allow you to print wherever you are: at a party, at the cinema, on a walk … In addition, there are no drivers to install before printing.

How to choose the best?

Which smartphone printer should I choose? Our criteria

To choose a mobile printer for your smartphone, you should pay attention to the following parameters:


The shots to shoot to be transferred from a camera or a mobile terminal (smartphone or tablet) to the nomadic printer, so it is essential to establish a link between the latter and said source. If it is possible to proceed via a USB cable, the trend is currently at wireless connections. In this, you will have a choice between Bluetooth, at least, or WiFi which has the advantage of being more simple and practical. However, photo printers for WiFi connected smartphones are more expensive than Bluetooth printers, which are more popular. Other link options exist. These include NFC or AirPlay connectivity.


Not all nomadic printers for smartphones are the same, so you need to pay attention to the performance you’re getting to make the best choice. When it comes to performance, the speed of printing is one of the most important criteria. This is tantamount to asking you about the time it takes to shoot a snapshot. It should be noted in this regard that the models available on the market print under 45 seconds and a minute on average. To choose, consider the intended draw frequency. It goes without saying that if you want to print on the fly, the choice should be on the printer as fast as possible.

Performance does not just take into account the draw speed. You must also consider the quality of printed images. This parameter is dependent on the technology used by the device. The printing can indeed be done via Zink processes, film or by thermal sublimation.

Finally, the retouching possibilities offered by the mobile application of the printer are not to be overlooked, as well as the ergonomics of the latter.

Height and Weight

Congestion is a criterion that deserves attention because it determines the portability of the printer. If you want to have it on you at all times, you should naturally prefer a compact and lightweight device.

Food and Autonomy

As with any other mobile device, the issue of autonomy must weigh in the balance when making the choice. It is good to know that the power of the smartphone printer is provided by a battery, either sealed or removable. This second option makes it possible to consider the purchase of a backup battery if it exists. On the other hand, printing processes are not well-connected in terms of consumption. Zink technology has the advantage of being the least energy-consuming.


This is to verify that the printer you plan to buy actually supports the operating system of the smartphone or tablet from which you should shoot the snapshots. Some models work with either Android or iOS, while others are compatible with both systems.

Faced with a multitude of possibilities, finding the best mobile photo printer for your smartphone can be a real headache. Between differences in brand, ergonomics, print format, connection or the variety of retouching options offered from one mobile application to another, it is necessary to be able to identify the most important parameters of choice in order to choose according to your needs, but also your budget. That’s why in this shopping guide we will try to guide you to the best smartphone printer, through a point on the criteria that should hold your attention.

But before, here are the five printers that we believe have the best value at this time:

The 5 best Printers for Smartphones:

1. Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 - Best Smartphone Printers 2019

Print your most beautiful photos from your Instagram and Facebook accounts with this powerful WiFi smartphone printer

Connectivity: WiFi
Compatibility: Android

The most :
Easy and convenient to use
Prints very quickly, so it’s ideal for on-the-fly printing

The least :
For the price, some refills (Instax mini) would not have been refused

We open our top 5 with this smartphone printer signed by one of the references in photography. Who better than Fujifilm to understand the new expectations of users wanting to immortalize their highlights, then shoot them in no time. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 connects quickly to it. You will only have to select the most beautiful images to print, then simply transfer them to the printer and voila. The printing is ultrafast and the image quality just superb, in business card or credit card format. More ergonomic than the SP-1, the Instax Share SP-2 is perfect for printing on the fly, and at your convenience, you can edit the photos before going to print.

2. Kodak PM-210B

Kodak PM-210B - Best Smartphone Printers 2019

Affordable and very easy to use, the Kodak PM-210B offers prints of very good quality

Connectivity: Bluetooth
Compatibility: iPhone / Android

The most :
Very good value for money
The print quality is more than correct for its price
Comes with what to print 8 photos

The least :
Cartridge Detection Issues Reported in Some Notices

Our second favourite, it is in the catalogue of another giant of photography that we went to seek it. More affordable, the Kodak PM-210B allows you to shoot photos in 54 * 86 mm format from a camera, an Android smartphone or an iPhone. Coming with what to print 8 photos, it offers colour prints with quality more than correct for its price, and has, in addition, a very simple user manual, based on the dye sublimation process. Here the connection is established via Bluetooth from the Kodak Printer Mini application (for Android).

3. Fujifilm 16558097

Fujifilm 16558097 - Smartphone Printers 2019

Taste the charms of snapshots and film with this latest-generation smartphone printer

Connectivity: WiFi
Compatibility: Android

The most :
Ultra-fast printing and very high quality
Adopts Instax Square film format

The least :
The cartridges are quite expensive

Fujifilm is back with another wonder of the nomadic printer, which although more expensive, justifies its price by its high-end performance. Released in December 2017, the Fujifilm 16558097 – still known as Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3 – takes you to another dimension of photo printing from Android smartphone or iPhone, while taking the right recipes from its illustrious predecessor, the Instax Share SP -2. one of the main highlights with this model is that it adopts an Instax Square film format, which should delight fans of retro-nostalgic photos. Just as easy to use as the SP-2, the Instax Share SP-2 is used with Fujifilm’s Instax Share mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android, with WiFi connection. This app offers more extensive editing possibilities. The Fujifilm 1655809 ends to seduce with its very good autonomy provided by its removable battery.


4. HP Sprocket Plus

HP Sprocket Plus - Smartphone Printers 2019

No need for ink ribbons or cartridges. HP Sprocket Plus Leverages Zink Technology to Deliver Quality 5.8 x 8.7cm Prints and Better Autonomy

Connectivity: Bluetooth
Compatibility: Android and iOS

The most :
Better autonomy thanks to its energy-saving operation
Easy to use and carry

The least :
Beautiful image quality
Heats up a little too fast

After a successful trial in the Zink technology nomadic print market with its Sprocket, HP is back with an enhanced version that promises to print on larger formats. The photos shot in 5.8 x 8.7 cm (against 5 x 7.6 cm for the Sprocket) are also of better quality and make the HP Sprocket Plus one of the best of its generation. Very easy to transport and use, it necessarily works with the HP Sprocket application (Android and iOS) and offers a connection via Bluetooth. Pairing with your Android or iOS device is fast, allowing the HP Sprocket Plus to get up and running quickly. Zink technology helping, this smartphone printer has the advantage of being energy efficient.

5. Polaroid ZIP

Polaroid ZIP - Best Smartphone Printers 2019

Begins to get old, but still stays in the race

Connectivity: NFC and Bluetooth
Compatibility: Android and iOS

The most :
Application rich in retouching possibilities
Its consumables are cheaper than those of a Fujifilm
Choice of connection between NFC and Bluetooth

The least :
Image quality and colour reproduction are average

Presented at the CES 2015, the Polaroid ZIP is not quite new, but it is so successful that it is still found today in the rankings of the best printers for smartphones. It must be said that for this laptop-sized portable printer, Polaroid has released the great game, offering an easy-to-use device, which makes experimenting the snapshot affordable. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Polaroid ZIP also uses Zink technology and works with the Polaroid Zip mobile application, with a choice of connection via Bluetooth or NFC. According to your desires, you can take advantage of the numerous retouching possibilities offered by the app. It has several filters and gives you the possibility to change the contrast or brightness,


What paper can I use with a printer of this type?

With a smartphone printer, the paper to be used is photo paper made available by the manufacturer of each model. It should be noted that several models can, however, use the same paper quality. The dimensions of these media also vary depending on the device you have taken. Smartphone printers usually produce 5 x 7.6 cm or 5.4 x 8.6 cm photos.

Are these printers exclusively for printing from the smartphone?

The other problem that can be faced before choosing is that of the authorized print source. And if nomadic photo printers are designed primarily for smartphones, it must be said that there are models that can take pictures from a camera with Bluetooth 4.0 or WiFi connections.

Why there is no cartridge on smartphone printers?

The great innovation brought by these devices also comes from the ink-free technology of these portable photo printers. Indeed, the latter do not need ink cartridges and generally use the technique of sublimation printing. In other words, the ink is in the photo paper, specific and provided by the manufacturer of the device and will be activated during printing. There are also devices that work with the Zink process, which also does not require cartridges or ink ribbons.


Whether for adventures on vacation, family walks, gastronomic reunions with friends or colleagues, all occasions are good to immortalize memories with his smartphone, and to shoot the clichés, there is nothing like that a nomadic printer. But beware, before investing on this gadget very fun, it should be taken into account the parameters mentioned above, not to regret its acquisition.