Vive X 2019: Discover the 17 VR/AR Startups powered by HTC

Vive X 2019

HTC Vive will invest $100 million in 17 hand-picked VR startups as part of its 2018 Vive X acceleration program. Find out which virtual reality startups are being chosen by the Taiwanese firm.

For the fourth consecutive year, HTC is helping the most promising and innovative start-ups in VR/AR through its “HTC Vive X” acceleration program. The selected startups will receive support from the experts of the Taiwanese firm, and will be able to share 100 million dollars of investment.

In total, for this 2019 edition, 17 startups from Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East were chosen. Their projects will be presented as part of the Vive X Demo Days, which will be held in Beijing on May 9, 2019, in Tokyo on May 16, 2019, in London on May 23, 2019 and in San Francisco on June 4, 2019. Without further ado, discover who the lucky ones are elected.

HTC Vive X 2019: the startups of San Francisco

MyndVR is a company dedicated to health and well-being, and more specifically to the “economy of longevity”. It develops entertainment and therapy applications for the elderly

Primitive offers a virtual reality collaboration solution for software development teams. Its Primitive Immersive Development Environment transforms complex software analytics into interactive 3D structures displayed in a collaborative VR environment.

ybVR, for its part, offers streaming technology optimized for multiple points of view . This allows for example to offer immersive live broadcasting, and video content on demand in 8K definition.

Visby develops holographic imaging software to transpose reality into virtual reality. Its light field technology allows capturing and publishing photorealistic videos for VR headsets and other immersive or holographic screens.

Modal, the latest startup, is co-founded by Nolan Bushnell: the creator of Atari. Its goal is to democratize VR entertainment “out of home” in free roaming to the general public by making this type of experience more accessible and easy to use.

HTC Vive X 2019: London startups

Immersive Factory has developed the Health Safety & Environment system. These are training exercises based on real world situations. All these simulations are available on a dedicated platform and have been created in partnership with major companies such as EDF, Veiolia, Suez or Colas.

LIV allows game creators and other VR content to increase their audience and monetize it in real time. In total, the startup has generated over a billion views on social networks since April 2018. It brings together the largest community of content creators VR at present.

Kagenova develops technologies to create more realistic interactive immersive experiences. Its space360 product, based on artificial intelligence, can view any VR content at 360 degrees with six degrees of freedom of movement (6DOF). This eliminates the feeling of Motion Sickness, and amplifies the realism of the experience..

HTC Vive X 2019: Taipei startups

360Stories offers you to travel to the most beautiful places in the world thanks to 360-degree videos, accompanied by the narration of locals who tell their stories and anecdotes. The opportunity to travel without leaving your living room

Z-Emotion develops a 3D design platform for the sportswear industry. In addition, it provides Big Data analytics tools for the entire manufacturing process to enable faster and smarter decision making.

HTC Vive X 2019: the startups of Shenzhen

Inload designs and manufactures VR kiosks. It has its own R & D laboratory, VR gaming studio, and hardware production base. Its kiosks are found in a large number of shopping centers in Shenzhen, and the startup plans to expand its business throughout China.

Yaoan develops simulations of safety drills, emergency situations, or immersive training systems. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of enterprise software, this startup is a leader in the field of education and training in security.

HTC Vive X 2019: the startups of Beijing

ifGames is one of the first VR video game studios in China . In particular, he is credited with the VR game “Ark of the Stars”, which has won numerous awards. The startup has also created the first VR game with full-body tracking: CyberCraft.

ShinyVR is a startup incubated within the National Defense Lab of Yanshan University. It is developing a molecular physics simulation engine called SYVR, to simulate the key components of the first C919 Chinese commercial aircraft.

Yuanji has developed a VR system to reconstruct scenes of crime. These re-enactments can then be used in trials for greater transparency and fairness.

HTC Vive X 2019: Tel Aviv startups has created a new and much faster tracking technology for virtual reality. This technology combines optics, electronics and algorithms.

Ayayu Games develops, creates and manufactures controllers for virtual reality. These accessories allow the use of figurines as characters in video games in VR.

Vive X 2019: Discover the 17 VR/AR Startups powered by HTC
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Vive X 2019: Discover the 17 VR/AR Startups powered by HTC
HTC Vive will invest $100 million in 17 hand-picked VR startups as part of its 2018 Vive X acceleration program.
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