What makes an illustrator different with other designers?

What makes an illustrator different with other designers

Here I’d like to tell how my creative journey starts and how I came to know that this is the only path that I always knew was meant for me. When I was little and love to drew different stuff like batman, ninja turtles and pivot (stick figure). I stopped drawing for a while in my teenage years but revived it after I started on my trail towards graphic design. Honestly, I didn’t imagine myself doing anything besides illustration. Being an illustrator and graphic designer is the only thing that truly makes sense to me.

I have been interested in reading children’s books because of its visuals, delightful art and limitless imaginations in it. I never thought that I really can do children book illustration until a couple years ago when I had to illustrate a story book based on beasts and monsters. I loved working on that book and decided to do more of that kind of work as it was so much fun. I have been practicing and doing all kind of illustration so never had to look for children’s book illustration services.

The toughest part that I feel of illustrating a book is that you can’t stop until it’s done. Working on a single project weekly that lasts around three months is challenging because you also want to take a break. Working on a book is more worthy than working on a single illustration project.

Things to keep in mind when illustrating a book

There were many unexpected challenges that I had faced during my first children’s book illustration experience. The inflexible part of my first book was keeping to the timetable I set for myself during working full-time as graphic designer. Other than that, the process I implemented while making the illustration went quite smoothly. Making the illustration well established is an essential part to keep in mind when illustrating a book for client.

It basically helps you to figure out before you start illustration, or else you will waste a lot of time searching other techniques and styles. Doing that will take much longer to complete the book. Doing the same thing also run the risk of having varying styles. I usually start working on the book with single page illustration. Once it is approved, I use it as a sample or style guide for the remaining pages of the book.

I fell into children’s book illustration but it became so competitive in the designing industry to win a pitch.

Procedure to be followed

There are few process that I follow while illustration that is, determining the quality and style of the illustration, character development, cover design etc.

First, I start with the simple questionnaire to get to know you what story my client needs and for him to share his visions for how he would like his book to look.

I usually conclude the style and quantity that might be needed by the client that how he want his book to be shaped, such as a vignette illustration, single page illustrations or a double page illustration.

Evolving the main character to picture is a critical step in book illustration. Occasionally, I do this just before the text layout to make sure that both I and Author are on the same page before I go any further.

I usually make couple of different sketched choices for the book cover for my client so he can choose the best from all of them.

I also sketch more fined black and white drawings of different things and revising them with feedback from my client. It’s really important that the client must be happy with every details that you provide.

Final step

When it comes to deliver final files, you must keep your PDF files ready and high resolution illustration images in a Dropbox link for your client to download and save. All final payments must be done before any high resolution or final files will be handed over to your client.

So these were some of my experienced tips that I am sharing with you. Hope these tips can help you in any aspect.

“Aim for the magic, it’s there. When the right words find the right illustrator, it really ignites.” – Harris